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Why the products at hilaptop.com is comparatively cheap?

We buy in bulk quantity. everyone has a dream of keeping high end model and having latest gadgets but they can’t afford costly gadgets. we found that used (lite scratches) products are sold @ 50% -90% off price by the manufacturers. so we launched hilaptop.com mainly focusing on refurbished our motto is “everybody’s dream come true “

and always it’s been our wish to provide tested products We maintain strict quality measures to make sure our product meets highest quality standard with best packaging possible. This also helps to limit our sales which might affect in quality of products. 


Why Hilaptop.com ?

Many BPO centers, Computer institute, small business owner, college Principals, Teachers, Actors, producers, Directors, politicians, music Directors are our regular customers throughout in India & even abroad. We Have Been Featured in Renowned Shopclues.com, Flipkart.Com, 2gud.Com. 2gud.Com Website Awarded as Top Seller on Year 2020Google ranked us on top and gave us 5 million users every month.

What is refurbished Product?

While refurbished products are typically used, the outer packaging or the box which holds the product may display minor signs. We use high quality cleaning Kit to clean each & every product. That said, each product is quality-certified and comes with manufacturer or refurbish warranty of varying duration. These products are certified by our experts using proprietary technologies prior to shipment.


Who should Buy refurbished product and who should not?

If you are more concerned for 100% perfection in terms of functionalities and capabilities of product with more than decent appearance, you should buy refurbished laptop which will save your resource/amount which you can use in other important aspect of your business.

if you are concerned for physical appearance of product with with latest design and don’t mind spending (wasting) more than double of amount getting somewhat low capabilities of the product (Laptop), You should refrain from buying refurbished laptop and go for new one.


 Is EMI available to purchase product? 

Yes, we provide easy EMI options to pay for our product to all our customers. Currently EMI option is only supported on Credit Cards. 


Does the laptop come with preloaded operating system?

Yes. All our laptops are already configured Genuine operating system (windows 10 for most of the product & windows 7 for some of the products ) some also have original windows professional  loaded worth 18000rs you can check in the market is sold we give  completely free and genuine with license not pirated. If you need specific version of windows , you have to contact sales@hilaptop.com with your order ID and request for specific version. 


Does the laptop come with Optical drive?

Yes, some models have some don’t, depends.


What are other things being there in sales package?

Laptop & Power adapter & paid receipt.


Do you provide GST invoice?

Yes. We use HSN code 84690010 which is used for renewable electronic product or ewaste . But there is sometime different situation where as per provisions of rule 32(5) of the CGST Rules, 2017, we issue with Bill of supply. ITC cannot be claimed on margin scheme if rule this has been applied for your order. Check your invoice received to your registered email. 

You can read this blog to know more about section 32(5)- https://www.indiafilings.com/learn/gst-margin-scheme/

You can read this notification section (IV) rule no. iii to know more about taxation on renewable products ( ewaste)- http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=173406 


What is the delivery deadline?

Most of our products reach within 3 working days to customer address. For some cases, it can take upto 5 days. Maximum delivery date is 8 days from order placed. During this time, if there is further delay in delivery of product, do email us we will take immediate action on it.


What is the warranty of the product?

30 days Guarantee!
You are covered with our 30 days guarantee from the date of the delivery of the order. The Guarantee will apply to the following conditions :-
• Product arrived damaged at the time of delivery.
• Product not working (turning ON) even after connecting the charger / power cable.

Our products are proud. We offer 1 year of comprehensive labour warranty with all of our products which means you don’t have to worry for a whole year to use our product just need to pay if parts are gone.

If your machine breaks down in a year, you will pay for the parts but not for fix it or services so labour charges, service charges will be free.  


How can I make payment for my order?

You can use any payment method like EMI, debit card, Credit card, Internet banking, Cash On Delivery, Mobile Wallet, EMI without credit card etc. Please note,

  1. Mobile wallet is only available for payment up to Rs10,000. If you order is greater than 10,000 but you want to pay through mobile wallet, Please contact customer care at sales@hilaptop.com or call 702-666-6666 . You can also contact us with chat option on website hilaptop.com.
  2. Credit card is required to pay through EMI option. If your credit card is not available in payment method, Please contact customer care.


What happen if my order does not get delivered?


- Please note, your online payment at hilaptop.com is 100% safe. We have partnered with most trusted & elite payment partners like Paytm, Instamojo, Cashfree (Backed by Paypal & Y-combinator) . 

Be Assured, we will ship your product on same day of payment if order has been placed before 12 pm. else product will be shipped on next day. If product does not get shipped within 14 working days, You can ask for refund . Maximum dispatch time is 14 working days and maximum delivery date is 10 days from the date order placed.

- You will receive the order confirmation email and SMS to your registered email and mobile number respectively. 


What if I don’t like the product & want to return?

Please don’t worry, we provide 10 days of hassle-free replacement & exchange for all our products. 


How and when can I cancel my order?

We provide 10 days of hassle-free replacement & exchange for all our products.

 -You can ask for replacement & Exchange up to 10 days of delivery of product.

 – Please note, Buyer has to arrange for the forward courier during return process.

 – Replacement process will be done in 3 to 5 working days once the product in question along with all accessories, tags, packaging gets delivered to their respective warehouse after careful inspection of the product.

 – If the replacement product is not available, in such cases product will be upgraded.


I need bulk quantity can you provide?

Yes, please contact to sales@hilaptop.com with your requirement. How do I pay for a product?

We provide our customers with a wide range of payment options such as:

  • Debit/credit card payment.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • Emi (with Citibank).
  • Mobile Wallets ( currently we accept freecharge, mobikwik,ola money & Jio Money)

You can choose the option which best suits your preference.


How can I track my order?

-You will also get SMS & email notification once the product is out for delivery or any exception occurred. All our products are shipped using fastest method available so that you will get your product within 2 to 3 days.


My order is delayed by more than 5 days or I have not received the product at all?

Once we dispatch the product & provide you with tracking ID. It means that shipment has left our warehouse on the day tracking Id provided. For any logistic related issue on delivery, Non received of product etc. please contact shiprocket customer care with below details-


044 423 10000


if you have not received the product despite being provided with tracking details, once contacted we will do our internal investigation with the help of videography ( for example- CCTV), photography ( at the time of pickup) and provide the same to shiprocket team . shiprocket team will carry investigation and provide you with update.


How do I track my order status?

Please check at laptop.shiprocket.co/ to see the latest status of your order.We will send you an E-mail along with an SMS the moment your product is shipped out which will contain details that directly aid you in tracking your order.

How does the delivery process work?

Once the order is confirmed. We aim to deliver it at your doorstep within 3 working days through tie-ups we have with dedicated shipping agencies.


What is My Account?

We've made it easy for you to view and update your account and orders any time, through "My Account". It allows you to have complete control over your transactions, track your order, Change password, manage/edit all your personal data like address, phone numbers and email ids.

Is it necessary to have an account to shop?

Yes. An account is necessary to check the status of your order. Moreover, we capture your shipping address and other such contact details only at the time of account creation.

Having a shop account will enable you to get exclusive offers, track your order with ease and store multiple shipping addresses. 


What is this points programme?

Hilaptop points is Hilaptop's loyalty program which is open to registered users on Hilaptop. ... You can earn Insider Points for exploring or buying on Hilaptop app or website and redeem them for a variety of offers from Hilaptop and you can get special discounts on next purchase.

What is unbox?

  • It”s mint like new condition product. may have some signs of wear or minor scratch but we try to ensure that you always get a quality product!
  • These machines are cosmetically in very good and in fully working condition.


How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Once your payment has been successfully made, your order is processed immediately. We will send a confirmation mail for your order, to the email address associated with your order/account. In this mail you will be provided with a unique Order ID, details of the item/s you have ordered and an expected time of delivery.


 What do the different order status mean?

payment Accepted : Your order has been logged and we are waiting for authorization from the payment gateway.

Ordered stock: We have received authorization from the payment gateway and your order is in process.

Shipped: Your order has been shipped out of our warehouse and is on its way to your delivery location.

Cancelled: The order was canceled.

Refunded: The order was canceled and your payment will be credited back to your bank account. if we don’t have stock we will refund 


How are items packaged?

All items are carefully packaged at our warehouses to avoid any form of damage.


Why you should buy refurbished Laptop & Desktop?

Please go through this Quora post to know why New laptop are not better than refurbished laptops


Below answer is from Quora post. Credits are duly credited to their original authors. 

Because we know the Big Secret that laptop makers dare not mention.

Laptops haven’t changed much for ages.

Case in point: I’m typing this on a second-hand laptop I just bought. It’s got a 17″ 1080p FHD screen, 3rd generation Core i7 processor, separate graphics card, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, Windows 10, lots of USB3 ports.

It cost me £350 (US$450 at time of writing, June 2017).

If you wanted a new laptop of similar configuration, from the same maker, you’d pay nearly three times as much. And you know what? It wouldn’t be significantly faster! It would be more power-efficient, sure, because that’s the direction Intel are taking their processors—but I’ll get pretty-much as much raw processing grunt from this laptop than its up-to-the-minute companion, for vastly less money.

The power consumption doesn’t matter much to me. Neither does battery life—so long as the battery can hold up for as much as an hour (three is closer to the mark for this one), that’ll tide me over, because it’s a desktop replacement and almost always has its charger plugged in. And it’ll take a long, long time before the additional mains power consumption eats up the cost savings in purchase. As a rough estimate: about 175 years at current power prices. I don’t expect it (or me) to last that long!

So you’ll find programmers raiding eBay for perfectly serviceable laptops, discarded in the frantic rush of the non-cognoscenti for the new-and-shiny that gives them little added benefit.

There’s really only one exception to this general rule, and that’s Ultrabooks, or their equivalent. If you need a decently powerful laptop you can take on a plane without breaking your collar-bone, and use without a charger for ten hours, then it’s worth (getting your company to pay for) getting one of the latest generation of these.

UPDATE, September 2018:

I’m still using that laptop—typing this on it, in fact. My new client’s provided me a brand-new 15″ laptop with an SSD, and an 8th Generation Core i7 processor. And you know what? It’s not noticeably faster than this machine, built six years earlier. It’s just smaller and lighter. This was £350 very well spent indeed!

*End of Quora Post*


Refurbished laptop – Shop for certified refurbished laptops at hilaptop.com

At hilaptop.com, two things are most important for us i.e. quality of products & customer satisfaction. Each and every product in hilaptop.com are carefully chosen while sourcing from vendors. Before reaching to customers, each and every product mandatory pass 20 phase quality check which includes physical appearance, any functionality issue, battery, internet, Wi-Fi adapter. all hardware and software aspects of products are carefully examined so that you as a customer can have wonderful shopping experience.

In today’s competitive world, possessing a laptop becomes a necessity than a want. Certified refurbished laptops that are Easy to carry, expandable storage, and ability to function even without electricity, are just a few plus points to owning a laptop. While shopping at hilaptop.com, you can choose variety of certified refurbished laptops from the best laptop brands available by checking features, comparing prices, and selecting the features most suitable for you.hilaptop.com has a wide variety of laptops certified refurbished conditions that you can buy online. We make your online shopping experience better as you can buy the laptop of your choice by filtering on the basis of price, brands and features. we sell premium used laptops & certified refurbished laptop with insane cheap prices with best quality without tag of cheap laptops. In Hilaptop, we assure of the best of service possible as valuable customers.

Happy shopping online!



Do you have any more question? Please feel free to send us mail at sales@hilaptop.com or call at 



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